Taylor Swift Still Broken Heart With Harry Styles

Relationship singer Shake It Off, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles was already ended long ago. But it does not cover the possibility, they will meet again. As recent events experienced by Taylor Swift and Harry Styles.

According to reports Hollywoodlife, Swift and Harry accidentally met at the Sunset Marquis hotel lobby in LA on Wednesday night. They were in a friend's birthday celebration, Caleb. As the songs sung by Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" portrayed in the incident. Without words, Taylor Swift looks panicked when he saw the former, Harry style. He was only revealed in the language of the body.

Taylor Swift Still Broken Heart With Harry Styles

Pretext dampen panic, Taylor Swift turned his gaze to the phone and do not make any kind of eye contact. Harry went to Swift and his friends with a smile, looks rejected by him. Of course, Harry returned to his friends in the hotel.

Not only that, he also realized he stood only just two or three meters away from him, but he just looks look in the opposite direction and said something to his friends.

Events recorded by TMZ was commented upon by experts in Hollywoodlife body language. "The body of Taylor Swift closed and he wants nothing to do with Harry Styles, who dumped him. Harry seems to be open and want to deal with him, but do not want all of it," said Lisa Haisha body language expert, MA.

"Her arms were crossed, closing the chest area and did not even grin across her beautiful face. He seems upset because he was there and seemed to be surprised," Lisa added.

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