Katy Perry and John Mayer Back Courtship

After a long relationship ended, now Katy Perry and John Mayer finally get back to being lovers. Yup, news about their closeness is being busy discussed in the media and the public.

As perfect together, I wonder if Katy and John get support from the fans. This time, one source even revealed that the couple seemed more intimate after reversal.

As reported by E! Online, the source revealed that when they broke up, Katy and John are still in a very good communication. That's why I wonder if in the end the couple decided to go back dating.

Katy Perry and John Mayer Back Courtship
Katy Perry. Doc. Shutterstock

"They never stopped talking and very friendly to each other when they broke up. They were very excited because now back together and want to spend time together as much as possible," said one source.

This is all very encouraging news for the fans. Some time ago, Katy and John was even caught a double date together with Allison Williams and her fiancé, Ricky Van Veen.

This couple had ended their relationship since the month of February 2014 ago. According to rumors, Katy bustle in the music world who ultimately keep him away from the side of John. Now, they're back dating.

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