Remove the Bra, Jennifer Lawrence Make Guest Restless Red Carpet

Courage inside Jennifer Lawrence become the idol of many people. Not only the courage to be crazy and outspoken in public, he also is not afraid to look sexy.

Just look at his appearance as it appears in the event Producers Guild of America Awards, held in Los Angeles some time ago. She was wearing a dress that will make everyone stare.

The white dress is designed to have a super low cleavage that almost reaches the stomach. As a result, everyone can see the cleavageJennifer very clearly.

jennifer lawrence

Design dress she wore obviously not possible to be worn with a bra, because it will interfere with performance. However, because the dress was hanging up off the ground, sexy impression inside Jennifer could be offset with elegance.

The dress she wore was apparently inspired by the ancient Greek style.Silver ornaments in some parts gives the impression of luxury, without having to look tacky and overdone.

In addition to beautiful dresses, hairstyles stars HUNGER GAMES This also contributes to the appearance.

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