Beefy Bieber rages at Bonzai Bieber 'upgrade' claims

Pop star threatens website with defamation court case for altered image.

Oh dear, little Justy Bieber is getting upset again – and this time he’s brought along his lawyers to show that he’s not messing around.

Perhaps the little pop whippet has just hit puberty, it seems he is keen to show off his body – but only under his own terms.

justin bieber

In a remarkable development, TMZ is reporting that JB has threatened with a defamation case for foolishly suggesting Calvin Klein had pumped up the star’s muscles using photo software. Unless Bieber gets an honest admission from the site he’s hauling them into court.

Quite right, little dude. Your body is a temple and only Selena Gomez is allowed to play around with it.

Bieber reportedly claims that the stunt has ‘damaged his brand’. He wants the post taken down and an acknowledgement of deceit.

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