Tao Out, Other EXO Personnel Do Strange Things

After news of the Tao out of horrendous EXO counterparts, now a media groupis also increasingly making splashy EXO-L (EXO Fans).
Lay is known to have remove all postings in accounts of his personal Instagramhose an hour after news of the Tao will leave from the EXO.

Not only Lay, Xiumin had make fans worry because memghapus accountInstagramnya. It is done after the article Xiumin letter from Dad asking her sonTao to leave EXO.

taoStill unknown what the reason Lay and Xiumin doing troubling news in the middle of Tao fan. The fans are still waiting for confirmation from Tao directly.

Earlier, the father of her son reveal if Tao has agreed to leave the EXO. That hegave during a special interview with the Chinese media.

"Tao has agreed to leave her treatment would be the EXO, top priority and the rest is up to the Tao who decides," said Tao's father was quoted as sayingSoompi.

The party's own agency, SM Entertainment has confirmed if the letter is genuine.Despite that, BC says are at the stage of negotiation for retaining the EXO in the group.

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